【Lockwood任务】封锁2.0即将开始,滴答… … 我们不能再耗时间了… .


Want to end Lockdown 2.0 before it happens? If every Patriotic American visitor to our site did the following starting now, we win the Lockdown 2.0 battle:


(1) Call, email and write the CDC, FDA and your local Hospital or 24×7 Urgent Care (play a project veritas-like role – get a body cam or use your cell phone cam and visit them in person) and ask “do you have a Delta variant test? can I take one? where are they available?” answers: NO. NO. NOT AVAIL. Document this.

(1)打电话、发电子邮件、写信给疾病控制中心CDC、美国食品及药物管理局FDA,和你当地的医院 24 × 7急诊电话。(扮演一个类似【真相工程揭露节目Project Veritas 】的角色——装一个身体摄像头,或使用你的手机摄像头,亲自拜访他们录像留证据,质问他们) ,问“你有 Delta 变异体测试吗?”?我能拿一个吗?在哪里可以买到测试盒?” 答案,会是否定的。没有。无效。记录下来。(注:因为现在的PCR实际是,测不出普通流感和covid的差别的。)

(2) Get it to all small local media outlets – local reporters, local newspapers, local TV, local radio and ask them “Isn’t this a huge, breaking story? No test exists for the Delta variant so all the numbers are not justified. Are they doing this to fearmonger and try to create another lockdown? Isn’t it a newsworthy crime if someone in our state or local government makes false claims that can’t be backed up just to push for another lockdown, maybe to get more federal funds and force small businesses to close and bring back mask mandates and social distance mandates?”

(2)把“拍下的视频”发给当地所有的小型媒体——当地记者、当地报纸、当地电视台、当地广播电台,并问他们: “这难道不是一个重大的突发事件吗?没有针对 Delta 变量的测试,因此所有的数字都是不合理的。

质问媒体:医院这样做是为了制造恐慌,并试图制造另一个封锁吗?如果我们的州或地方政府中有人提出虚假的陈述(很多数字),这些数字不能得到医学上的支持,仅仅是为了推动另一次封锁,这就是为了得到更多的联邦资金!这样会迫使我们小企业关闭!带来强制口罩令!和社会距离要求!这难道不是一种有新闻价值的犯罪揭露吗?” (诱导媒体报道!)

(3) If you have to, tell them how big your social media network is and say ‘my x hundred or y thousand online followers are asking me to ask you and they are waiting for your answer. Will you investigate and confirm my findings and publish this story for the greater good of your viewership/readership/audience?’


Let’s get to work and DO SOMETHING…

让我们开始工作,做点什么… ..。



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